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New thinking, new approaches, new technologies. It’s how we connect with a new generation of buyers and renters in the real estate space. And it’s why we are the new kids on the block.


We are not like other agencies in the real estate space. (In fact, we may not even be the right agency for you.) We don’t believe in a set formula. We make it our mission to take a deeper dive in understanding consumer behavior and your unique marketplace. Consumers have changed. Young urban professionals don’t have the same goals that the generation that preceded them. And the more affluent boomers are experts in filtering media that doesn’t connect with them. Our approach, starting with a deep understanding of the customer’s path to purchase, is a proven model that will build your funnel for leads, prospects and sales.

Cases of success in Real Estate

The New Blue Wave

Converting the Rental Journey

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What Our Clients Say

Our industry is changing faster than most agencies can keep up. Marshall Fenn brought a new and efficient approach to building our brand and driving leads. Their ability to target, understand and reach customers while measuring everything is exactly what we needed to move our business forward.

Trish Macpherson

Executive Vice President Operations, CAPREIT

What we do


We combine deep consumer insights with strategic thinking to perfect the customer journey. We blend persona research, user experience, amplified content and hyper-targeted digital media to create conversations, build awareness, maximize lead generation and generate conversion opportunities. This is what makes us different.


We live and breathe impactful creative. Marshall Fenn brings strategy, creative and technology together to create smart, innovative communications that work in a competitive real estate market.


Leveraging our unique mix of design and technical expertise, we focus on creating a better user experience. There are many influencers in this market. We’ve got the right team to create unique campaigns that drive customer action.


Our mission is to invest your media dollars where they’ll have the biggest impact with the best results. We do it all from TV, radio, print, online, out-of-home, and DM.


The real estate sales cycle can be a long one, our approach delivers ROI instantly. We build lead generation funnels using our customer journey approach and persona analytics to speak directly to your potential customers. Our strategies are mobile focused, highly targeted and measurable.



Whether it’s developing strategy, content or providing social monitoring and analytics, we help our clients engage with their audiences one-on-one. For us, it’s all about enabling and stoking conversations in hot markets.


We focus on strategic media, analysts and targeted audiences. Whether its media for consumer promotions, media relations, employee & investor relations, sponsorship management or events – our in-house team has the experience and savvy to leverage ‘big media’ to your advantage.

Let us help you connect with your customers

Contact us today and get a free evaluation of your social media presence.