Miami Valley Gaming


Miami Valley Gaming opened in December 2013 bringing a world-class gaming, racing and entertainment complex to southwest Ohio. Ohio is a competitive state for gaming – there are eleven casinos vying for customer loyalty and differentiating from the competition. MVG is also competing for local talented employees. MVG needed a social recruiting strategy that leveraged social properties to recruit candidates with differing skill sets.

We know from experience that most casinos still use social media as a one-way message rather than crafting strategies that take advantage of opportunities for connection, engagement and dialogue. Our approach needed to be engaging so applicants could learn the benefits of working at MVG and have a seamless application process.

The best brand stories are integrated into an internal brand employment strategy for employees and prospective employees. An internal brand strategy needs to be embedded in corporate culture and influence all departments in the organization.

At the time, MVG introduced a new fictional character – “Lucy.” We showcased her recruitment and application process for a role at the fictional Lucky Buckeye Company.

Simultaneously, we ran a Facebook contest to introduce Lucy and asked the audience to provide their own videos explaining why they should be the next “Lucky Buckeye Inspector.” Employees started to promote MVG’s social properties helping grow the casino’s brand and reputation. Miami Valley Gaming is thrilled that their candidate pool has increased by 39% and their cost per hire has decreased by roughly $20 per hire.