Jamaica Tourist Board

For the past 15 years, Marshall Fenn has directed public relations for the Jamaica Tourist Board in Canada. Our work has encompassed the full spectrum from consumer promotions, media relations, social media awareness, issues & crisis management and stakeholder relations.

We recognize that a destination requires wide awareness across all forms of media when there are so many choices available to the consumer. The consumer has numerous options if they are looking for sun, sand and sea so we have position not just apart from but above warm weather travel choices for Canadians. Fortunately, few countries the size of Jamaica have such globally renowned culture attributes like its music, cuisine and variety of activities. Throughout the years we have highlighted those unique qualities that make Jamaica special.

Annually we organize and host several familiarization tours of the island for media with distinct audiences. We have created tours of Jamaica’s outstanding golf courses for golf writers across Canada; culinary tours for food reporters and online influencers; wellness trips for lifestyle writers to enjoy the finest spas and resorts; fitness reporters to compete in the Reggae Marathon; and invited music writers and bloggers to experience the Jazz & Blues Festival in Montego Bay.

Our social media profile has also grown extensively. We are the content providers and community managers for the Jamaica Tourist Board’s Canada Facebook page. And, we have organized unique events for travel bloggers. We created an event to highlight the country’s distinctive culinary treasures among this influential group. Travel Massive members in Toronto were invited to sample a varied menu of Jamaican national dishes and then promote the destination as a culinary experience that could not be found in other warm-weather resort areas. We registered all attendees and collected their valuable contact information for future outreach and created new awareness and followers for #VisitJamaica. Our efforts resulted in more than 795,000 social media impressions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for #VisitJamaica and more than 886,000 impressions for the Jamaica Tourist Board.

While media relations and consumer promotions form the core of our work with Jamaica, the flexibility to quickly address issues and crises while maintaining the positive messaging is essential. And, the messaging is tailored for every vital audience, whether they are partners such as airlines, hotels and tour operators, the large Jamaican diaspora living Canada, lifestyle bloggers, travel trade media or consumer travel writers.

Our creativity, attention to detail and the steady increase of Canadian travellers year over year have made us a trusted partner with the Jamaica Tourist Board.