Canadian Cancer Society: Our App Makes Fundraising Easy

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Design, Digital Strategy, Marketing

How many times has this happened to you? You have a big meeting planned with a potential donor, and after filing through a seemingly endless amount of paper looking for the right forms, your meeting ends before any documents are signed.

This is a problem most non-profits are facing. They have a passionate team of fundraisers who are ready and willing to knock on doors looking for donations, but get so lost in the paperwork that those fundraising dollars literally slip through their hands. You’ve given them all the tools that they need to secure donations, but they are seemingly getting lost in the shuffle of paperwork.

Don’t you wish there was an easier way ?

The Canadian Cancer Society had this very challenge. As they entered their next fundraising goal of $2.5 billion, they realized the immense pressure on its fundraising “Cabinet” comprised of senior Canadian business leaders. Their pressure, on top of reaching a very large fundraising goal, was that they have full time careers outside the Canadian Cancer Society and were not immersed in every aspect of the organization. The passion was there, but because they didn’t have the most relevant information and answers at the drop of a hat for potential large donors, it left them having to search through a seemingly never ending stack of papers or answering questions with “I’ll have to get back to you on that”.

The Canadian Cancer Society approached Marshall Fenn Communications looking for a way to streamline their fundraising efforts and provide their cabinet members with the information they needed at the tip of their fingers.

The Solution?

The Canadian Cancer Society Community App. Knowing that the cabinet was spread Canada-wide and would encounter a variety of scenarios and potential donors, they needed a solution that would provide access to the most recent information on a just-in-time basis. Marshall Fenn on behalf of The Canadian Cancer Society, designed an App. that is easy to use and empowered cabinet members and volunteers alike to have the information required at any time or place, making them feel more confident in presentations to prospective donors. The application made sharing easy and including everything from campaign messaging, success stories (including videos), research summaries and sample proposals.

The application, despite being relatively new to market, has enjoyed glowing reviews from the Canadian Cancer Society’s volunteer base. Due to internal demand, the app has been made available to all levels of volunteers and staff across the country. Now feeling more empowered at meetings than ever, Canadian Cancer Society volunteers are far better positioned for success.

Canadian Cancer Society has made fundraising for a good cause simple and they are reaping the benefits.

The good news? So can you. Contact Us to learn more about non-profit fundraising application development.